Marilyn S. Berger, Ed.M., M.A.

MBerger_033c-240x300Mrs. Berger has worked as a therapist with children from preschool through college age — and their parents — for twenty years.   She has broad experience in a wide range of toddler, child, adolescent, and young adult issues, as well as in counselling parents of children of all ages.

Mrs. Berger specializes in educational evaluation and advocacy, including: observation of the child in his/her functional environments; psychoeducational testing; identifying the child’s cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses; assessing for learning disabilities and ADHD; working with the school to implement appropriate interventions; training the parent to advocate for the child and the child to advocate for him/herself; continuing to work with the child and parents to understand and manage the child’s learning profile and related issues.

Another major area of expertise that Mrs. Berger has developed is working with divorcing families, including working as a: divorce mediator; parenting coordinator; and child therapist.  As such, she has fulfilled the requirements of the state of Ohio to work as a divorce mediator and as a parenting coordinator.   Mrs. Berger assists Dr. Bardenstein in conducting custody evaluations.

After graduating Princeton University in the first class to accept women, Mrs. Berger went on to earn her Master’s in Education (Ed.M.) at Rutgers University and her Master’s in Clinical Psychology (M.A.) at Cleveland State University.    She worked as an educational administrator before beginning her career as a therapist.

Mrs. Berger is supervised by Karen Bardenstein, Ph.D.  They have worked together for twenty years. Click here to find out more